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The Thanksgiving Three: 3 Stocks to Buy for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, these are three stocks to buy to make a little money.

1. Amazon (AMZN)

This first pick is pretty obvious for the reason that Amazon has everything. This isn't just a Thanksgiving stock; this is for the entire holidays. Amazon will be churning in profit for the next two months. Right now, it is at $3676.57; a little pricey for most people, but I think it could hit the $4000 mark before the end of the holidays. Also, Cyber Monday will bring in a whole swarm of customers to Amazon. Since October 4, the stock is up 486 dollars, so it already has momentum heading into the holidays.

2. Walmart (WMT)

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers worldwide with over 11000 stores. With a current price of around $150, it is not nearly as expensive as Amazon, and will probably yield more profit faster. Thanksgiving is not just about turkeys, it's also all the other stuff from cranberries to gravy, and anything that can be sold will be found in a Walmart. I expect it to increase by quite a bit during the holidays, especially with the Dow on such a hot streak.

3. Costco (COST)

The last of the Big 3 is Costco. Another retail giant, with over 800 locations, Costco will be dishing out a lot of turkey for Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, Costco is also up since October 4, with gains of 21%. For Costco, everything is going right financially, and I expect it to crush its quarterly estimates. On an unrelated note, gas prices skyrocketing can help Costco quite a bit. When people stop at Costco, they get gas in the parking lot because of its convenience and the fact that it is about 20 cents cheaper than average; Costco wants you to fill your tank before going inside and buying everything else. Costco makes about 10% of its annual revenue from gas because of how cheap it is; with gas prices climbing, Costco will benefit even more from this. The people who stop by for gas before going inside and buying something give them a competitive edge over competitors. Sam's Club, owned by Walmart, will likely reap similar benefits.

These three companies all will be selling like crazy throughout the holidays. By no means will their prices skyrocket; I see them as good investments to make a good return on. An honorable mention is Tyson Foods (TSN), which I think is quite undervalued right now and good make huge gains for the holidays.

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