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I have a great interest in programming and computer science in general. This overlaps well with my interest in math, as the two fields are incredibly related when it comes to making algorithms and such. Here is a place where I will link some GitHub projects and other coding-related things.

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My projects

Basically, here is a space where I will share some of the programs I make in my spare time or when I notice something that grabs my attention.

Here is a project I made in my spare time when I noticed an interesting pattern with powers of 11:


I am currently in the process of developing a machine learning algorithm to decipher left blinks from right blinks using biometric data in order to help locked-in syndrome patients.

This is a website that I coded completely from scratch using NodeJs, MongoDB Atlas, and various other tools.

It is meant for a non-profit organization for mental health.

I made it as a way to practice my web developing skills after I learned the subject in summer. Keep in mind that the website is not a finished product, and may be lacking some features or functionality.

Note that the below embedded site will not have full functionality and is only here for display purposes.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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